TORRANCE, Calif. May 1, 2008 — Leading video game developer and publisher Tecmo® today announced TECMO BOWL®: KICKOFF, exclusively for the Nintendo DS™. Based on the most popular Tecmo Super Bowl™, KICKOFF will deliver to long time fans and newcomers easy to employ controls, fun, huge plays and exciting cut-scenes. The classic, over-the-top, all-American football game enables players of all levels to engage in a fun filled, fast paced, arcade style of football.

“We are extremely excited to bring back everyone’s favorite football game to the Nintendo DS,” said Ryan Gilbo, executive producer, Tecmo, Inc. “KICKOFF is packed with everything that fans wanted to see in this revival. No other football game will ever compare to TECMO BOWL as this is the game that started it all.”

TECMO BOWL: KICKOFF brings a host of new features that will further enhance the gameplay experience, including:

· Customizable Teams: Choose team colors, emblems, player names, team cities and abilities.

· Super Abilities: Tactically use over-the-top plays to take over a game.

· Wi-Fi and Wireless Multiplayer: Play against friends across the country or across the room.

· Stylus Control: Feel the action by using the stylus to control your player.

· Variety of Teams: Choose from 32 different teams.

· Cut-Scenes: All-new cut-scenes showing off the dramatic presentation of various plays.

· Customizable Playbook: Prepare for gridiron greatness by customizing your playbook.

· Music and Sound Effects: Turn up the heat on your opponent as you play the game to rock ‘n’ roll remixes of the most memorable tunes in football gaming history!

TECMO BOWL: KICKOFF is scheduled to launch Fall 2008. The game has not yet been rated by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB).