GI: Will any classic plays be returning? Will offensive and defensive plays be picked simultaneously, as before?

Gilbo: Yes, the plays will be picked in a very similar fashion as the original Tecmo Super Bowl.

GI: Will players be able to create their own team rosters?

Gilbo: One of the features of this game is the ability to customize your own team – they are 100% customizable.

GI: Will the same made-up teams be returning?

Gilbo: The original team cities from Tecmo Bowl are in Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff. We are adding a few more to bring the total number of teams to 32. The team names are not NFL teams, but we picked names that fit with the original spirit of Tecmo Bowl. If you don’t like the team names, you are free to change them to something that fits your style using the Team Edit feature.

GI: How many players will be on the field at any given time?

Gilbo: 22 players – this is true 11 on 11 football.

Wow the DS version really reminds me of the original Tecmo Bowl on the NES. Wow, that brings back memories!

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