Having played & enjoyed Terraria on last-gen consoles, it is a fair assumption to say I’m excited about the Nintendo Switch version. Well, that excitement was amplified after hearing about its extensive touch support functionality.

The development studio Pipeworks has outlined what is in store for this feature through a forum post.

Here is what the players’ should expect for this feature:

  • Interact with the main menu, adjust settings, browse accomplishments, and customize your character.
  • In-game, you can….
    • Pinch to adjust zoom (be careful, this will use the item currently selected in the hotbar!)
    • Press to use the item currently selected in the hotbar
    • Press the minimap to instantly activate the full-screen map
    • Press any item on the hotbar to select it
    • Double-tap the hotbar to open the inventory
    • Press to select any item in the inventory
    • Double-tap on any inventory item to activate build mode
    • Press and hold + drag on any item to move it around the inventory/move it to a chest or shop/equip it/throw it in the trash
    • Press any in-inventory button or interactable text (quick stack, sort, loot all, crafting menu, map display types)
    • Press and hold up or down on the crafting wheel to scroll through it
    • Press and hold on an item in the crafting wheel to craft, then drag to place it in the inventory
    • Press on any of the accessory info buttons to toggle visibility
    • Double-tap any of the accessory slots to toggle visibility

Unfortunately, we are still without a release date on Nintendo Switch, but development is seemingly approaching the final stages. As always we will keep you up to date on the inevitable release of Terraria on Switch.

Source: Terraria State of the Game – May 2019

Have you played Terraria before? Do you plan on getting the Switch version? Is Terraria your cup of tea? We’d love to know in the comment section below, or on our various social media pages!