SANTA ANA, Calif. – March 8, 2011 – Subdued Games, publisher of quality downloadable content for handheld and console systems, announced today the release of Magnetic Joe™, the former European Casual Mobile Game of the Year, for Nintendo’s DSiWare™ service. Filled with challenging mazes, Magnetic Joe™ stays true to the popular mobile title, but uses the additional power of the NintendoDSi™ system to include additional power-ups, interactive devices, epic boss battles, multiplayer action, and spectacular visuals for players.

In Magnetic Joe™, players take control of everyone’s favorite little magnetic sphere by guiding Joe through 100 exciting mazes full of spikes, enemies, and other obstacles in your pursuit of Joe’s eternal foe, Dr. Magnevil. Each maze is filled with magnets pushing and pulling Joe in different directions. In order to complete the maze, players must use these magnetic fields to skillfully maneuver Joe to the exit unharmed.

Magnetic Joe™ also includes multiplayer using DS Wireless Play. Gamers can compete against friends in a series of racing challenges.  This multiplayer action allows players to choose to control Joe normally using the magnetic fields to have a fierce dodge‘em battle with friends, or take advantage of the new jetpack power-up and fly fast and furious through the level.

Addictive…challenging…fun…and now available for DSiWare for only 500 points, the multiplayer puzzle game Magnetic Joe™ includes three play modes: Story Mode, an adventure to destroy Joe’s nemesis Dr. Magnevil, Collect Mode, where players gather as many statues on each level as possible and Time Mode as players race against time to complete levels.

About Subdued Games

Based in Santa Ana California, Subdued Games publishes quality downloadable content for handheld and console systems in addition to titles for Mac & PC. Upcoming DSiWare™ titles include the puzzle game Hidden Photo and the shooter series B Team – Episode 1: Dust & Steel and Episode 2: Ice &Venom. For more information about Subdued Games, visit their website at