A free 3DS eShop game will be released in Japan on June 5 to tie in with upcoming movie Pokémon XY The Movie – The Cocoon of Destruction & Diancie.

The game will only be available for a limited time and will use StreetPass to collect Pokémon from other players. The more Pokémon you have, the higher your chances of success in battles with the thieves, Riot and Marilyn from the movie.

There is no word on a Western release of the game just yet, however the movie – the 17th Pokémon movie in Japan – has recently been confirmed for release in the West, titled Pokémon the Movie: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction. We’ll keep you posted on further details.

In the meantime, view the game trailer below, and let us know whether this game would get actively StreetPass’ing in the West.