There are many women in the world of Gaming. None of them stand out more to me, then these 5. Not only do they have beauty but they have brains and are very successful at what they do. How did I come up with my list? Glad you asked. I spent some time, about a month, narrowing the list of candidates down to 5. Then I shot an e-mail to everyone at Niwifi to rank the candidates 1-5. There answers were not much help, with 2 tying for first and 2 tying for second. So I am throwing what they gave me out the window, sorry guys, and I am just putting the list together myself.

Here are the winners:

olivia.jpg(5) Olivia Munn:

Olivia is Co-host of Attack of the Show on G4. Anyone who works next to Kevin Pereira deserves some type of recognition.

molly1.jpg(4) Molly Stanberry

Probably one of the Deadliest people you will ever meet in World of Warcraft. She has her own World of War Craft Podcast-you can check it out by clicking on her name.

jessica.jpg(3). Jessica Chobot

You may remember Jessica from the famous PSP licking pic. Now, Jessica has a weekly podcast on

morgan1.jpg(2). Morgan Webb

Morgan Webb is the leading lady of gaming news. Co-Host of X-play on G4. She has covered many events in the gaming world: E3, Tokyo Game Show, GDC etc. Also, Morgan Webb had been quoted to say, “I am a raging Zelda fan- have been since the Original.”

jade.jpg(1). Jade Raymond

Producer at Ubisoft, she was in charge of a little game called “Assassins Creed.”