Duck for cover as Codemasters puts players in charge of the emergency services in the most accident-prone city of all time!

Set to put the urgency into emergency, Codemasters® today announced Emergency Mayhem™ exclusively for Wii™. Coming Q2 2007, Emergency Mayhem puts the player at the helm of the three emergency services in a frantic race against time to hold together Crisis City, a mad metropolis falling apart at the seams.

Combining chaotic driving sequences with arcade mini-games, you’ll be in stitches controlling the frenzied police, fire service or paramedics as they dash around the city from one emergency situation to the next. With over 30 missions, it’s a non-stop time crisis where you’ll be rescuing people from burning buildings, defusing bombs and more.

However, in this city, the emergencies are of a decidedly slapstick nature; crazy situations will have you hurling bananas at out-of-control monkeys, using a trampoline to bounce escaping prisoners back into custody and herding penguins to safety with hilarious consequences. In a city where there’s always an urgent situation calling out for your attention, even those mischievous monkeys will get in your way