Guitar Hero’s been a smash hit around the world and it’s even available to Kiwi gamers.

But the popularity and the continuous use of the hand held guitar has led to many players having symptoms that are really painful and disabling.

The idea of the game is simple. As the coloured notes appear on the screen, the player must try and play the same ones on the guitar.

Problem is, to get better, you have to play longer, and faster, and that’s when the trouble starts.

Jenna Ward, a self confessed Guitar Hero addict, says she started to feel pain in her arm muscle and her palm seemed to lock up after one really hectic night of playing the video game.

“We started playing at nine o’clock at night, and we finished at two in the morning”.

This is why I do not like Guitar hero. In all honestly, of course you will be feeling pain after playing Guitar Hero for 5 hours!!

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