The Fall, which hit the US in August 2014, is finally making its way to a European audience – in fact, it’s available for download on the Wii U eShop right now.

Founder and director of Over the Moon Games, John Warner, expressed his own excitement about the release:

Bringing The Fall to Wii U in Europe is a momentous occasion for Over The Moon Games, and we’re truly excited to share our unique adventure with a larger audience. Our vision is to create games and challenge established assumptions of how gameplay and narrative can be blended into a new experience. With The Fall, and with the backing of our fans on Kickstarter, we have been able to deliver on that vision and truly hope that gamers around the world enjoy what we have created.

The Fall is the first part of a trilogy, with Over the Moon currently working hard on the second installment. In The Fall, players take control of ARID, an Armored Robotic Interface Device on board a mark-7 combat suit, and puzzle their way through a fantastically creepy world to find medical aid for their injured pilot.

Are you excited to finally see this sci-fi game hit Europe? Let us know your thoughts below.