There has never been a better time to coax your wife or girlfriend away from her novel and get her into the bedroom….for some gaming!

Guys now have a secret weapon in the battle to get the ladies hooked on gaming: the Nintendo Wii. I have never seen so many ’non gamers’ attracted to our favourite Italian Plumber. I was recently at a ’Smash Brother’s Party’ where guys AND gals eagerly waited for their turn to play the Wii. It’s easy to learn, highly interactive and even has an esthetically pleasing appearance (picture an ipod only bigger). The Wii is accessible to novice and expert players giving everyone the opportunity to feel competitive.

Some ’hardcore’ gamers will say that the Wii isn’t even a real game console. That it lacks the intricacy and depth only found on the 360 and PS3. I say that if it brings more females into gaming we all should love the Wii.

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