The Godfather for the Wii is very good! First of all, anyone thinking that this is going to be another Red steel, has it ALL wrong. This game is a start of better things to come in this genre. Its the beginging of the best in this genre infact, but what do i know i havent been able to play any other game like this because th controls were too hard. However if this could get me to play i am convinced that the wii truely can convince others to play and enjoy this genre as well.

The Godfather Black Hand Edition didnt realy excite me much at first, but when I actually started to play i was so impressed, too bad my life is so fast paced and schedule filled. I have played through the first three hours. I learened everything from strangling, excecuting, choking, punching to gunning! And i have to say that this game is well presented. The grafics are nice, the controls are awsome, the Ai is alright. This is a game i played longer than Legend of Zelda. Trust me if you are like me, and like fun fast games like Wario Ware, you’ll love this! 4.5/6 Great Big ONES!