When you’re developing a new game, how do you stand out from the crowd? Hojo Studios has done just that by taking the fun concept of mafia pigeons and creating an entire game out of it. The good news is that The Godfeather: A Mafia Pigion Saga is now heading to the Nintendo Switch on August 15.

In The Godfeather, you play the role of a mafia pigeon on a mission to reclaim their territory the only way they know how – by pooping on anyone who crosses them. Whether it’s public displays of affection, clean laundry, or simply birds who don’t bend to the mafia way of life, there’s plenty of poop to go around.

The game features three environments, taking players on a roguelike journey into backyards, beaches, and more. There are upgrades to earn and bosses to fight along the way in what is touted as a hilarious and challenging title.

The Godfeather has already caught the attention of the gaming community at events like PAX and SXSW Sydney, being described as “One of the leading contenders for the chance to claim Cult of the Lamb’s throne”. Hojo Studios, who delights in creating games that spawn from crazy idea that make them laugh, is based in Sydney, Australia. I was lucky enough to chat with the team and try the game at PAX AU in 2023 – you can read my initial Godfeather impressions right here.

Check out the new Nintendo Switch trailer for The Godfeather below. Are you looking forward to diving into this one next month? We’ll be reviewing this little pigeon outing closer to the release date, so stay tuned for our full thoughts.

Source: Hojo Studios