"Somehow or other, it came just the same!"

We first told you about The Grinch: Christmas Adventures back in June, but we did so without much information on actual gameplay. Those wanting to see more have just received an early gift from Outright Games via a new gameplay trailer.

The trailer “…shows off the vibrant and colorful visuals found in the game, authentically recreated from the original illustrations in the book.” That’s good news for Dr. Seuss fans, as the visuals retain their original charm. I think it would’ve been cool to see a fully 2D, hand-drawn approach to the graphics more akin to the book and original cartoon, but the trailer does capture the character’s endearing qualities.

It also highlights some gameplay elements, including platforming and runner sequences along with seasonally appropriate power-ups such as the lasso candy-cane and enemy freezing snowballs. Grinch fans will also want to know that…

The Grinch: Christmas Adventures has been designed with families in mind, with accessibility features for the youngest of gamers, as well as an asymmetric co-op mode where the second player takes control of the Grinch’s canine companion, Max. The upcoming video game is the first in sixteen years to be based on the iconic character and will serve as a brilliant introduction to the world of Dr. Seuss for a new generation of fans.

The Grinch: Christmas Adventures will be available for $39.99 on October 13th. For more information, visit the Nintendo eShop.