At first I wasn’t going to post this until I started reading the through all the negative  reviews. I know these are personal opinons but a lot of this is just is people being negative to be negative.

“Why was this game made in 2011? Did they know they were late? The controls don’t work. The music doesn’t work. The graphics don’t work. Their voices don’t work. Wii Motion Plus? No. Wii Motion Minus an actual game. The Wiimote is just as waggle-rific as it was in Twilight Princess. No strategy, just shake like you got the Parkinson’s. This game is a horrific mess. A travesty. The little characters here are as paper thin as their blockfest polygon bodies. Just 3 locations. Melodramatic. You don’t care what happens here. No Ganon. No Epona. No Midna. No Overworld. No Evolution. No Modernization. No Innovation. No Fun. Just another Saturday Morning cartoon when all you want to do is eat cereal and grow up. Reggie Fils-Aime will be looking for another job. Miyamoto will be looking for his home land. I will be looking for the time I lost while playing this 2 generation year old game. After Twilight Princess, Nintendo had no other choice but to fall. Like a terd out of Skyloft.”


“This game proves Nintendo has learned nothing and is blindly arrogant to use the same old outdated formula, with horrible story telling, ugly outdated graphics and quite frankly a worse addition to the series. People who say TP sucked are kidding themselves, THIS game is awful.

Long, boring and more of the same for a tired out franchise. I’ve been playing the Zelda games for 20+ years and this game is just more of the same. Running around, hearing people call out ‘hey’, searching for pointless things for pointless flat characters in an overly familiar manga-lite, low-res universe. It’s like this series has been locked in the basement for 20 years, unable to play with the other games and grow as a result. Where is the voice acting? Where are the dynamic characters? Where is the story? Where are the meaningful choices? This might be a fine game for those looking to take a 30+ hour trip down memory lane but NO normal kid is going to invest that amount of time in a game that is so slow and requires hours of reading trite dialogue. My son (8 years old) played the game for an entire 45 minutes before going back to his Lego games. This series needs to learn from Uncharted, Mass Effect, Gears, Fable, etc. Games have come a long way, it’s a shame this series hasn’t.”

“Been playing this game since the midnight release, so 3 hours now. I can safely say that the controls are unresponsive, the graphics are bad, and the game may have done so much better if it were released on the xbox or ps and had a complete graphical overhaul. the story is okay, it’s not bad. Not in the least, but it’s not really good. 4/10. Then again, it’s a Wii game, so it’s to be expected…”