Miiverse has been a pretty popular service among the growing base of Wii U owners.  Every day that I power on my Wii U I am immediately bombarded with really spectacular art and peculiar posts that other Wii U owners have created via Nintendo’s version of a social network.  What you see on your television screen is only a fraction of what is actually contained within Miiverse.  Someone could spend days combing through Miiverse posts and still never see everything.  The Miiverse is a relatively new Tumblr blog that features some of the most awesome of the Miiverse posts.  The Miiverse is self described as ‘The official unofficial go-to place for awesome things found in the Wii U’s Miiverse.’  So if you are getting tired of seeing some of the same Miiverse posts popping up on your television, then head on over to The Miiverse and check out some other interesting Miiverse posts there.