During the Unite 2015 Tokyo event in Japan earlier this week, It was announced that the ever popular gaming engine, Unity, would make it’s way to the New Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo Life reached out Unity to find out a little more about the release and found out some exciting news about it’s release.

Is there a timeframe for this support to be active?

– We’re not ready to discuss release timelines currently.

Will this utilise the latest version (5.1) of the engine?

– New Nintendo 3DS will be part of the most recent version of Unity at the time of release.

Are there any plans regarding the original Nintendo 3DS models?

– Only support for the New Nintendo 3DS was announced.

This is huge news for the New 3DS. Not only is the most recent version of the indie popular Unity engine releasing on the system. Having the most recent version opens the New 3DS up to many ports and exclusives.

How excited are you to see Unity on the 3DS?