– Domestic sales for the franchise are at 1 trillion yen
– Worldwide sales for the franchise are at 2 trillion yen
– “monetary effect” of ANA’s Pokemon jet and JR’s Pokemon stamp rally are at 2 billion yen and 4 billion yen respectively
– total game copies for Pokemon franchise stand at 190,000,000 units
– Pokemon franchise RPG sales stand at 130,000,000 units
– The Pokemon cartoon series is now shown in 74 countries
– domestically, 85 companies make officially licensed Pokemon products.
– 3,500 items are available
– the Pokemon card game is available in 40 countries
– over 14 billion cards have been sold
– the 12 Pokemon movies have made a total of 55.8 billion yen in Japan
– Mewtwo Strikes Back is the most popular movie, making 7.24 billion yen
– The Power of One is the second most popular movie, making 6.2 billion yen, and was also the number one Japanese release for 1999.

I don’t think any of us doubted the success of the Pokemon franchise, but I didn’t realize the shear scale of what it’s accomplished in such a short time.  I mean, Pokemon games have now sold over 190,000,000 copies!  That’s almost as much as the entire Mario franchise of the last 25 years!