With a week until the presidential election, I thought it was about time to get to my second part of this piece I call; “The Presidential Candidates and their View on Video games.” In the first part of this piece, (See HERE) I covered the views of Presidential hopeful Barack Obama. Now in part two, I will cover John McCain. Before I go on just wanted to remind you that I gave both campaigns plenty of time and opportunity to state for themselves what their stands on video games. I have brought it on myself to find as much quotes and info so I can properly get an idea of their views.

McCain has not said much about on the topic of video games. What he has said strongly opposes what Obama had to say. This was taken from a fellow blogger’s question to John McCain.

Question #1: With the current controversy over video game and media violence, what is your stance on allowing parents to make the decisions for their children on what they can see and watch? (This question was rolling around in my head primarily because of the recent posts that I had on Jack Thompson)

McCain’s Answer: He felt that parents should be the ones to decide for their kids on a case by case basis (which I was satisfied with). He then did a weird segueway into the evils of child pornography from there, which kind of had me shaking my head.

Like Obama McCain has used video games as a way to help promote his campaign. Below is a video that you probably have seen of McCain using the Medal of Honor Music in one of his public announcements. (editor note: I am not going to mention the fact that McCain was sad to use this with out the composers permission.)

Now that I am coming to the end of my short, but long time between, series on the Presidential candidates and their views on video games, I am going to add some of my two cents. If you are going to vote solely on what the candidates believe about video games, which is dumb, your best pick would be McCain. McCain has stated, which I agree with, that parents should be reasonable for what their kids play. Obama is for some type of Gov’t control on video games. Who knows what that could turn into.

Remember friends, we are a week away from this years election. Remember to get out their and vote!