The Marathon will begin Friday December 19th @5pm cst and last 72 hours. We will attempt to catch every Pokemon that is legitimately possible (491) while raising money for ACT Today. 100% of all donations will go to ACT Today (Autism Care and Treatment).

Rules: All games will be started from a new file, and all pokemon must be attained within our house, no trades will be made from outsiders. All the Pokemon will be transferred to one cart to complete the Pokedex.

Setup: We will be playing multiple games at a time, but we will only be broadcasting 2 “feature games” along with a view of a commentator via webcam. We will switch out the 2 “feature games” being played around every 6 hours so that our viewers can see a litte bit of each game. The commentator will also be giving updates of progress and catchings in games that aren’t being featured at that time There will be a checklist to show the pokemon we’ve caught so that everyone can be up to date on our progress.

More Details HERE