Today’s Nintendo Direct introduces what they’re calling the “Year of Luigi.”  Luigi has been a part of the franchise almost since its inception, but always in a supporting role (other than Luigi’s Mansion).

The first game they announce as part of the Year of Luigi is Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon for the 3DS.  This game is actually announced by Miyamoto himself (a first-time appearance for him on Nintendo Direct).  He spends some time talking about the immersive feeling of the game.  He also talks about some added puzzle-solving elements of the game.  The Poltergust–Luigi’s ghost-sucking vacuum–will be used for much more than ghosts.  Also used in puzzle-solving will be Luigi’s flashlight and his new “darklight.”  They’ve also added elements to the system of ghost fighting.  It seems like hunting for ghosts will be more fun and involved this time around.  We also get some information on the game’s cooperative mode.  You can play with four players through local wireless, download play, or online.  You work together climbing a tower, hunting ghosts on each floor.  This game will be released March 24.

The next bit of juicy information is another installment of the Mario and Luigi RPG franchise.  The game is called Mario and Luigi: Dream Team and takes place inside Luigi’s dream.  This game will be released this summer on the 3DS.

Also featuring Luigi will be a new Mario Golf, developed by Camelot.  This will also be coming this summer to the 3DS.

The next feature from the Year of Luigi is pretty interesting.  It is a DLC for Super Mario Bros. U–it changes all of the courses and makes Luigi the main character.  It will be called Super Luigi U.