In this Issue
– SOCOM cover story.
– Feature on downloadable games.
– Small feature on recycled game ideas.
– Previews: 50 Cent II, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, GTA IV multiplayer, Fallout 3, Motorstorm 2.

– Insomniac is building a downloadable expansion sequel to Tools of Destruction.
– Tecmo Bowl coming to both the Wii and DS.
– Disney asked Warren Spector to create a Mickey Mouse Mario-killer.
– Sony Liverpool is making a “stunning” action game called The Protector.
– Gears 2’s multiplayer will feature 5-on-5 and a new camera angle.
– Traveler’s Tales to make games (plural) based on live-action Akira movie.
– Home beta coming in the spring.

Review Scores – Wii
Super Smash Bros. Brawl: A, A-, A- [Game of the Month]
Okami: A, B+, A
Opoona: C, C+, C+

Review Scores – Xbox 360/PS3
Pro Evolution Soccer 2008: C+, B-, B-
Dark Sector: B, B, B-
Army of Two: B-, B, B

Review Scores – Playstation 3
Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds: B, B, B-

Review Scores – Xbox 360
Universe at War: Earth Assault: B+, C+, B
Frontlines: Fuel of War: C+, B-, B-

Review Scores – Nintendo DS
Lost in Blue 3: B-, C, D+
The World Ends With You: A-, B, A-
Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer: B+, A, B

Review Scores – Playstation Portable
Wild Arms XF: C-, B-, B

Coming in the June 2008 Issue
– Feature on the “sweetest” games you haven’t heard of yet, including Capcom’s Dark Void.
– Why haven’t console MMO’s taken off? EGM talks with developers about it.
– Previews: Infamous, Metal Gear Solid 4, Project Origin, Battle Fantasia.
– Reviews: Grand Theft Auto IV, Boom Blox, Midnight Club: Los Angles, Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, NBA Ballers: Chosen One.


Sonic RPG details:

– Random battles, turn-based (think Super Mario RPG on the SNES).
– Allocatable skill points.
– Branching dialog paths.
– Dialog choice is very much like Mas Effect where you select a mood (in this case, an emoticon) instead of straight text.
– Core story has a single outcome.
– Visuals: Looks like “Sonic 3D Blast done right.”