Eurogamer just posted an interview with Danny Bilson where he talks having Darksiders 2 at launch on the Wii U and more:

E: People are worried about your games because of the financial troubles at THQ right now.

Danny Bilson: Yeah. I say this to everybody: it looks a lot worse outside than it does inside. There’s just so much speculation, and it tends to be really negative. Look, it’s difficult. It’s tough. We’re transitioning. We’ve been transitioning for years, honestly. We hit a bump in the road, reorganised and we’re recovering.
You can see today we’re making high quality games. You’re seeing three of them today, and we’re going to continue to only make high quality games. We’re making fewer games than we used to make, and that allows us to invest more in the games we do make.

E: With Darksiders 2 you will be on Wii U at launch. What do you expect from the console?

Danny Bilson: There’s heavy use of the DRC (Digital Resistive Current) controller with Darksiders 2. I actually don’t know how much we’ve said about that stuff yet, but rest assured it’s got unique use of that controller for the game on the Wii U. It’s not just a straight port. There’s a separate team working really hard on it.

E: Do you want to release Wii U versions of all your multiplatform games going forward?

Danny Bilson: To be determined. Everything with us has to be very specific choices. Look, we have a lot of money but we don’t have as much money as the other guys. So we have to be very specific and careful about our choices going forward. We felt Darksiders is a fantastic Wii U title. It echoes – I’m not going to say it echoes classic Nintendo gameplay because I don’t know what that means exactly – but we thought it was a great fit for that platform and we wanted to be there with one of our great titles day one for their platform for their launch, and that one seemed the best fit to do a great Wii U game.

E: Is that because people compare it to Zelda?

Danny Bilson: Perhaps.

Full Interview Here