Today’s Smash Bros video revealed not one, not two, but three characters. The first character, is a long awaited regular: Captain Falcon.  Since there does not seem to be any changes on how he fights in the latest Smash Bros, and I feel we are all well-versed in how Captain Falcon fights, so I won’t go into him any further.

The second character, Lucina, first appears in Fire Emblem: Awakening.  Lucina’s movements appear similar to that of Marth; this includes the move-sets and how they behave in-game.  Unfortunately, there is not enough footage to go on to conclude that Lucina’s fighting style will behave like Marth, or if she will have her own identity.  However, given how the Bandai-Namco and Sakurai have approached the latest Smash Bros, my guess is on the latter.

The second character revealed is Robin (also known as Avatar), who serves as the player’s avatar in Fire Emblem: Awakening.  Like the 3DS title, Robin can also be played as a male or a female.  Robin uses a combination of magic (which serve as long distance attacks) and swordplay (which acts as short-range combat).  The magic Robin uses is powerful, but limited.  The trailer hasn’t shown if Robin can recover another book after discarding his/her previous book without being K.O.’ed.  We’ll have an answer once Nintendo decides to release more details.

Robin’s final smash was also revealed to be an all-out assault with Chrom, also from Fire Emblem Awakening, and Lucina’s father.  We’ll have more information on the upcoming Smash Bros series here at