IGN Wii has the exclusive on the new Tiger Woods PGA game coming to Wii.  They got to demo the upcoming Wii golf game and gave favorable impressions of their experience.  The Wiimote is fully utilized in the game and is as responsive as ever.  Here’s an excerpt from the full article:

The swing tracking is very accurate for drives and approach shots, and I found myself interlocking my fingers on the Wiimote, trying to get a traditional golf grip. Here’s how the controls break down:

To swing, hold down B and make a golf swing. It’s that simple. Like in other versions of Tiger, if you don’t take the club back all the way, you will have less power on your shot. Unlike in other version, power is controlled by the speed of your downswing. The faster you swing, the farther it goes. Of course, if you push your downswing left or right, you’re very likely to dig your Nike ball out of the bushes.

If you’re a fan of Wii Sports Golf, this definitely looks worth your while.  Check out the link for tons more screens and videos for your viewing pleasure.

Source: IGN Wii