Wow Konomi has released a ton of info about Elibits. There are a few more press releases then you can check out below here.

Omega Elebits

Fire Omega: The fire Omega is the first Omega Kai achieves at the beginning of the first world. The fire Omega gives Kai the ability to burn down fallen trees, light torches and burn through coiled vines blocking his path.

Ice Omega: The ice Omega is the second Omega Kai achieves halfway through the first world. The ice Omega gives Kai the ability to freeze sections of flowing rivers for a few moments, allowing him and Zero to pass over them to get to the other side.

Magnet Omega: The magnet Omega appears in the Elebit mining world and is crucial for completing puzzles in order for Kai and Zero to continue on their mission. By utilizing the magnet Omega, Kai can continue to roll metal spheres which will drop into place, unlocking passage ways in the mines. If the magnet Omega ventures too far from the metal sphere it’ll no longer be able to move it. Stay close!

Melody Omega: The melody Omega is a mysterious Omega with musical abilities. Kai achieves the melody Omega towards the end of the Elebit mining world. By utilizing the melodious powers of the Omega certain blocked paths will reveal passage ways for Kai and Zero to proceed down.

Power Omega: Good things come in small packages! The power Omega is a necessary adversary in the Elebit mining world. In a world full of monstrous boulders blocking the path Kai can use this Omega’s abilities to crush those boulders and continue on.

Warp Omega: The warp Omega is the key to moving to the next world. Without finding and achieving this Omega Kai and Zero would be stuck forever. Use the warp Omega’s abilities to whisk Kai and Zero off to their next adventure and a whole new world.

Water Omega: The water Omega, although small in size wields tremendous abilities. Considered the sister to the Fire Omega, this Omega will help Kai extinguish walls of flames blocking his path.

Speed Omega: The speed Omega does what it says, giving Kai and Zero the ability to run faster than ever before. Speed can be a crucial ability to have when outrunning a boss character or moving out of the way of falling objects.

Mobius: Mobius is a unique Omega with dynamic powers that are greater than all the others. Mobius rules the energy of the heart and can ease people’s anger and sadness. Leo, Mobius’ owner, tried to use his Omega’s power to cure people of their traumatic memories and ended causing Mobius to spin out of control. Mobius’ rampage spread to other Omegas causing unforeseen chaos in the Elebits worlds.

Zero: Zero is Kai’s trusty sidekick who never leaves his side. Zero possess the power of light and has a truly wondrous aura with abilities unique among the other Omegas. Zero’s main job is to collect all the Elebits Kai stuns with his capture gun and bring them back for collection.

Kai and Zero: Kai is the 10 year-old, main character of the story and the son of two world famous scientists that perform Elebits research at home. In the original Elebits adventure all the power in the town Kai lives in was knocked out by out of control Elebits. Kai and Zero met during that time and became fast friends.

GG: The magic bus that Kai and Zero once called their hideout. But for some unknown reason GG turned itself on and whisked Kai and Zero off on their magic adventure. Once there, GG was out of power and Kai and Zero set off to collect enough Elebits power GG and get themselves back home. GG transports Kai and Zero to different worlds within the game.

The Mayor: The mayor is the chief of the village in the center of the Elebits Forrest. The mayor is a very knowledgeable person but also a bit calculating asking many favors of Kai and Zero.

? ? ? ?: The mysterious boy appears to Kai and Zero from time to time throughout their Elebits adventure. It is unclear whether he is good or evil, but his motives are revealed further in the game.

The Captain: He is the captain of the ship that warped from a world with no Elebits and drifts ashore in the Resort Island. He is highly dependent on the Elebits to supply him with power for his ship and is extremely cunning, but not a villain. He’s not that smart and panics easily.

Arpaka: Arpaka is a native girl from Resort Island. She’s extremely precocious, saucy and lively with many friends. She hates the Captain and the passengers of the ship because they use the Elebits living on the island as tools and collect them for energy.

Jimmy: Jimmy is a young, ambitious man who loves machines. He works on the Captain’s ship from another world and helps by working on the engines. He continually complains about the ships engines because they don’t work and wishes he could instead go on a magical voyage.

Misha: Misha is a girl with a very sad past and as a result of it continually drifts off to sleep in the Sea Temple. She has an innate ability to communicate with the Elebits and because of their struggles with humans she has become much despaired. She’s tough and very smart.

Snow Queen: She is the queen of the Ice World and has fallen into a great depression as a result of children having gone missing. Her powers control the snow and ice in her world but she’s grown weak because of her sadness. The people of her world are concerned that the sadder she becomes the more likely their world will begin to melt, casting them deep into a water filled existence.

The Pickle Gang: A gang of five boys who Kai and Zero encounter in the Elebits mines. They’ve lost their parents and have banded together to survive by mining and capturing Elebits for a living. In their world Elebits are more valuable than diamonds but have become more difficult to find as the search for power in everyone’s primary objective.

Lou and Louie: They are brother and sister who have lost their way when following the black shadow and slipped into the Elebit mine for safety. There they met the Pickle Gang and have found comfort and safety around them. They are very young and strayed from their mothers side now lost in an unknown world.


Power Omega Boss: The Power Boss is the first boss battle Kai and Zero encounter deep in the Elebit forest. Each boss battle utilizes both the upper and lower DS screens for total emersion in the action. During each battle, Kai is tasked with utilizing one of his Omegas master powers to defeat each boss.

In the first battle Kai utilizes the power of his fire Omega to contend with the Power Boss. The Power Boss is lightning fast and sores high above Kai and Zero dropping giant boulders, swooping down to knock them off their feet and extinguishing the torches. The fire Omega’s powers are used to light three torches on the lower DS screen and the gamer, with the stylus, fires blasts of fire from those torches trying to hit the Power Boss. He takes a beating and is very quick but with carefully directed shots, Kai can defeat the Power Boss.

Earth Omega Boss: The Earth Boss is the second boss battle Kai and Zero encounter underground in the depths of the Elebit mines. As Kai and Zero perch themselves precariously on an elevator rushing through the mining tunnels the Earth Boss looks to swallow them whole. Again Kai is tasked with utilizing one of his Omegas master powers and for this battle the magnet Omega is right for the job.

The Earth Boss has enormous jaws that open with a jutting tongue that seeks to suck Kai and Zero off their perch. The magnet Omega attracts as many metal spheres as possible to throw down the gullet of the Earth Boss hoping to choke him, allowing Kai and Zero to escape the mines unharmed.