• Tetra finds a ghost ship, boards it, and then cannot manage to leave the ship. Link tries to rescue her but fails, faints, and drops into the sea. He wakes up on a mysterious island to find out he was saved by Shiwan. Link begins to look for clues to save Tetra when he bumps into Lineback, who just so happens to be interested in the treasure from the ghost ship. From there on out, both of them team up.
  • The game follows a prophecy: “An evil darkness… A huge ocean… And the voice of a sacred light.”
  • Game progression: Explore underground temple, find sea chart, head to new island, collect sand of time, head back to underground temple, repeat
  • A time meter will be displayed in the underground temple to let you know how much time you have left before you take damage
  • The deeper into the temple you make it, the more sea charts you will get. These charts will take you to new places farther and farther into the ocean
  • The islands you travel to pose traditional Zelda elements, and also have you hunting for clues concerning the ghost ship
  • Touch a spot far away to have Link run to it, auto jumps and all
  • Arrows appear on screen that enable Link to push/pull items
  • Three different sword attacks based on how you use the stylus

Zelda Phantom Hourglass is sounding better and better every time I hear something new about it!