Valentines is just around the corner.  Do you know enough about your Geek/Gamer Girlfriend to treat her to something nice this Valentines day?  Heres a list to 50 things that you should know about your Geek/Gamer Girlfriend.

1. girls like when you pick them flowers. store bought flowers are a total loss. thoughtless, and it’s something you would get your mom when you remember it’s her birthday or mother’s day.

2. girls like the fact that you know what a computer is, how it functions, and how to manipulate it. trust me, anything you like that a girl knows nothing about is cool. even so, anything you know better than her on the pc is a plus.

3. girls love valentines day. but they like random stuff. not the traditional box o’ chocolates and flowers. LAME. my dad gets me that. i want a roadkill toy or something from

4. girls love when you aren’t mushy. just the occasional kiss on the cheek or something to let them know you’re still looking at them at some point of the day is fine. just anything. if we both have computers, DO SOMETHING, DAMMIT!

5. girls love when you play quake 3 with them and know that you are worse than them and have mercy. it’s okay getting blown apart by “nothingbutbones” but when you blow me up, it’s war. in every aspect outside of quake 3.

6. girls when you pretend to listen, even take a few tips from your english teacher in high school…repeat part of their question in your answer and it makes them feel like you actually hear them.

7. girls love doing stuff for you. don’t take this for granted, it wears on them only when it becomes expected. a nice “thanks, _insert crazy pet name she insists you guys share here_”; or a simple “you rock” is less emabarrassing but better in a way.

8. girls love it when you don’t know you’re checking them out. it keeps them guessing. especially in relationships, they will call you a liar, but you know and that’s what counts.

9. girls love when you begin a fart war. trust me, it’s fun. especially if you think you’re winning.

10. girls love when you touch their hair in any way, shape, or form. DO IT, WE LIKE IT. even if you pull it, depending on the situation.

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