#10 – Top Gun

“Top Gun” ranks as one of the most memorable games on the NES since it’s often referred to as one of the first flight simulation games. It’s based off of a corny 80’s movie. There are only four missions that you play in this game, so you may assume that it’s pretty easy. But no, it’s not that easy.

At the end of Mission #1, you have to land on an aircraft carrier, and landing on that ship is close to impossible. The radar tells you what direction you should move in and weather you should speed up or slow down. But when it says “Up! Up!”, you’d assume you’d have to press up, but it’s as realistic as actually flying a plane, so you really have to hit down (and visa versa). An NES Advantage controller is necessary for this game.

The same rule applies for another part of this game. In Mission #2, there’s a part where your fuel starts to run out, and a refueling plane comes by to refuel you. This is the hardest part of the game! Your accuaracy has to be just as perfect to get locked in with the nozzle. If you don’t lock in in time, the refueling plane will just go away and leave you out to die, and within minutes, you’re done for.

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