Based on the 1,040 responses to the DGD2 survey:

10. Bliss (3.26)

At the bottom of our Top 10, the feeling of utter joyfulness, which is probably the experience of highly elevated levels of the neurotransmitter seratonin. While 27.7% of respondents said no videogame had given them this feeling, 59.9% of people gave this emotion one of the top two responses (with 22.1% actively seeking out games which give them this feeling). I’m actually quite doubtful that so many people have experienced bliss in the sense intended by emotions-expert Paul Ekman (although a study could easily determine this), and I find it more likely that people are taking the description “utter joy and bliss” to mean fiero (the emotion of triumph over adversity), which we will come to below.

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There is one emotion that is not on this list that I am surprised that its not, sadness! Many Video Game experts believe, and if you watched the Discovery Channels, “The History of Video Games,” you would of heard this as well. The next big step for video games is to make the player cry. There are already some developer’s, I will not mention names, that are trying to accomplish this task. What do you think. Will you ever cry for a video game?