Bast – the eye of Ra

The Sun Goddess

With the rise of Jupiter’s Pantheon, the Egyptian gods are all but forgotten.

This spoiled goddess seeks to gain new power, and new followers to worship and serve her.


Sacmis and Ra’s Defender – Sacmis contains a chunk of the sun itself, which can be focused into a lethal beam.

Burn Echchantment: And for struck by this enchantment is engulfed in flames.

The Bronze Man

By defeating Thanatos with this astounding bronze automaton, Professor Volcanus seeks to prove the value of technology, and of his own genius.


Hammers of Progress – These powerful, gear toothed weapons tear through armor as though it were parchment.

Leech Enchantment – Allows user to steal some of their foes energy with each successful melee attack.

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