Marcus Antonius, The Hero of Rome

  • Background: The arrogant Gladiator seeks to be remembered as the greatest legend the world has ever known.
  • Default Weapon: Lion Shield and Caesar Sword.   Players wield both the shield and sword with the Wii Remote and Nunchuck.  The Lion Shield can absorb and redirect many ranged attacks.
  • Other Class Weapons: The Scythe and The Claw & Sword.
  • Magic attacks: Rain of Arrows, Dinnertime, Gotcha!, Lion’s Roar, and the Onslaught Enchantment.

BraveHoof, The Defender of Nature

  • Background: The violent Minotaur struggles to maintain a peaceful mind yet seeks to destroy civilization and return mankind to the arms of nature, where he himself found peace.
  • Default Weapon: Peacemaker. The two-handed stone battleaxe embodies the primal fury of nature itself.
  • Other Class Weapons: The Club & Shield and The Dual Hammers.
  • Special attacks: Rampage, Nature’s Spear, Beserrk, Hatchet Job, and the Vampire Enchantment.

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