Right on the heels of Best Buy and Gamestop, now Toys R Us is no longer accepting Wii U pre-orders.  After only 3 days since the Wii U was initially available for pre-order many companies are ceasing to accept more pre-orders after a strong response from consumers.  Many media outlets are saying the the Wii U is priced too high, Wii U games are priced too high or the Wii U is just simply not worth it.  Based on the rate at which people are snatching up the pre-orders for BOTH the basic and deluxe bundles I do not think that Nintendo will have no problem selling their Wii U.  In fact, I have always stood next to my claim that the Wii U will be as big, if not bigger than the Wii, but the response from consumers has truly shocked me.  I pre-ordered my Wii U Deluxe Bundle the day Nintendo announced the price and release date just in case.  I am very glad that I spent the time to do so.  Have you already put in your pre-order?  Are there still stores that are accepting Wii U pre-orders?!  Help your fellow Nintendo fans get their hands on a Wii U and tell them where you got your Wii U in the comment section below!