Tragnarion Studios is proud to announce having been approved by Nintendo as an official licensed Wii developer.

March 18th 2008, Mallorca, Spain. Following last weeks announcement of the release date for their upcoming Nintendo DS title “Doodle Hex” together with Pinnacle Software, developer Tragnarion Studios has more exciting news to share. The Spanish development studio has successfully acquired another Nintendo License, this time becoming an official licensed Wii developer.

“Now that we are releasing in May 2008 our Nintendo DS title ‘Doodle Hex’, we are really looking forward to work with our recently acquired Wii Licensed, so that we can bring the Doodle Hex saga to this amazing platform. We’ve been working on preparing some really innovative projects which will make full use of the Wii’s unique capabilities” said Ricardo Carretero, Lead Designer of Doodle Hex.

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