When Michael Bay unleashes his vision of the live action Transformers movie this July, Activision will be right there with not only console renditions of the flick, but also a pair of action games made specifically for the Nintendo DS platform.

That’s right, a pair. Two versions of Transformers will hit shelves for the summer release: Transformers: Autobots, and Transformers: Decepticons. If you want to be the good guys or bad guys, you’ve got to pick up the proper version because, even though the two games will feature similar gameplay, each version will have its own set of characters, missions and story progressions. This isn’t a Pokemon-style release; you’re getting two different experiences with the two different Transformers games on the Nintendo DS — there will even be environments unique to each version; for example, Autobots will head through Antarctic levels, where the Decepticons will have exclusive access to Desert terrain.

Source: IGN