TreeFall Studios have listed their next Wii U project on Indie GoGo. Simply titled Maze, this first person puzzle/adventure game will see you work through many different mazes to find the exit, all while collecting coins and avoiding gaps, spikes and enemies.

Set in 2050, the story tells of a society of lazy humans overrun by technology. With robots in command, humans must pass a training program to justify their existence. Survival in the Maze will basically save the human race.

You may remember TreeFall Studios last Wii U effort, The Letter, which we reviewed just last month. It’s an interesting title that fell short due to its short length and unfinished feel to the game. TreeFall Studios have addressed this in their campaign for Maze, telling us to rest assured that there are “tons of mazes, between multiple worlds, bonus worlds, arcade modes, and possibly a multi-player mode.”

Does this game sound appealing to you? If so, head over to Indie GoGo if you’re in the mood to find out more, or sponsor the small studio in their efforts to bring another indie title to the Wii U.