Stourbridge, England – December 05, 2007 – Video games publisher and games developer Data Design Interactive are pleased to announce that its Nintendo Wii development team, working on their ‘Popcorn Arcade’ label, have had another game gain Nintendo approval. This means ‘Trixie in Toyland’ is the 12th of 14 games Popcorn Arcade are aiming to have reach Gold status before the end of 2007.

Trixie in Toyland

This is the mythic, magical world of the Myth Makers – and this time our story follows the fearless Trixie as she single-handedly chases down Penumbra – the new tyrant of Toyland.

The Evil Penumbra, Leader of the Acrostic Riders has stolen the Myth Makers Orbs and has hidden them in Toyland. Trixie must explore every inch of Toyland and find the stolen Magical Orbs and return balance to the Myth Realm. But it’s not going to be easy!

• Control Trixie’s movement using the Nunchuk and bash evil toys with Trixie’s magic baton by swinging your Wii Remote.

• Defeat enemies with multiple attacks. You can bunny hop on their heads or attack from a distance using the Wii Remote to target Trixie’s magical spells.

• Complete Myth Maker quests by collecting hidden objects and special pickups. Have you got them all?

• Completing levels allows you to open special BONUS levels featuring totally different modes of play.