Thursday, August 20, 2009 – Be sure to tune in to G4TV today to check out the latest installment of X-Play featuring Darkest of Days! Aaron Schurman, CEO of Darkest of Days publisher Phantom EFX, stopped by the G4 studios in LA to show off the game to Blair Herter and show everyone why DoD is building serious buzz!

Schurman will be on screen talking about why Darkest of Days is different than any other first-person shooter that has come before it. 300+ NPCs on the screen simultaneously in epic battles spanning across huge outdoor environments? Check. A brand new, proprietary engine (Marmoset) built from the ground up by 8monkey Labs to specifically handle all the mayhem? Check. Full PhysX integration including dynamic and interactive fog, smoke and weapon effects? Check. A lengthy campaign with a full, complex, time-travelling storyline? Check. The awesome ability to take futuristic weapons back through time and mow through the opposition? CHECK!

In Darkest of Days, you take on the role of Alexander Morris, an unlucky foot soldier who gets transferred to General Custer’s regiment days before the Battle of Little Bighorn. Moments before his inevitable demise, a futuristic time agent warps in to save Morris and transports him to the future where he is told that time travel is now a reality. However, an unknown faction is attempting to re-write history for their own benefit. Your job is to stop them, and you’ll fight your way through eras spanning thousands of years and epic battles (WWI, WWII, Antietam, etc.) to do it.

The latest episode of X-Play will air tonight on G4…typical air times are 6:30 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, but check your local television provider for your specific listings. Please direct any questions or media inquiries to Jerry Whitehead at Reverb Communications. Happy viewing!