Wii Sports Resort, Nintendo’s follow-up to the best selling video game of all time, has already sold 1.3 million copies within just days of it’s worldwide release.

Twin Galaxies, keepers of video game world records for nearly 30 years, is planning a full-on blitz in seeking out the best gamers in the world on this red hot title.

Twin Galaxies is the official scorekeeping organization for the world of video gaming, recognized as such by mainstream organizations such as Guinness World Records, G4tv, Gameroom Magazine, MSNBC and many more. Twin Galaxies, with 28 years experience in tracking official world record scores, has also had cameos and references in popular TV shows on NBC and Showtime such as “Chuck”, “30 Rock”, and “Weeds” and has been featured in two popular documentary films currently in rotation on cable television.

The original Wii Sports was an instant hit with Twin Galaxies competitors, who still send in new top scores via DVR and VHS recordings for the title years after it’s original release. Patrick Scott Patterson, Twin Galaxies Director of Marketing, expects Wii Sports Resort to see even more competition.

“Everyone wants to stand at the top of the mountain on a game this popular,” Patterson said. “Twin Galaxies is going to provide them the only official way to proclaim themselves as the best at Wii Sports Resort or any game title they choose to play.”

Twin Galaxies formed an internal committee to break down every aspect of Wii Sports Resort’s 12 different sporting events to ensure the integrity of crowned world record holders do not take advantage of hidden glitches or cheats and are set up to determine the true champions of each section of the game. The rules are now established and listed in the TwinGalaxies.com database and now only await gamers to sent submissions to Twin Galaxies staff of referees.

In addition, Twin Galaxies will be putting out future press releases to announce crowned official World Record holders to the mainstream media.

“The gamers are already hard at work perfecting their skills on this one. Expect a wild battle between a number of potential champions on this one,” Patterson said.

For more information on Twin Galaxies and how they verify official world record video game scores, check out their website at http://www.TwinGalaxies.com.