If you’ve ever watched Grey’s Anatomy and thought, “This could be a pretty good show if had less self-importance and more ghost-catching janitors,” we’ve got good news for you. SEGA Europe and Two Point Studios have announced that Two Point Hospital is coming to the Nintendo Switch in late 2019.

Two Point Hospital is a critically acclaimed management sim set in which players design and build their own hospital to cure unusual illnesses and become an “unstoppable healthcare juggernaut.” If there’s one thing we’ve learned as American, after all, it’s that Health care is all about making money.

In the atypical and engrossing world of Two Point Hospital you, the hospital administrator, must deal with many tricky situations on a daily basis, taking on varied challenges and demonstrating your ability to build, cure and improve in the hardest and strangest circumstances. Running a hospital empire can be – often literally – a messy business. So, make sure to train your staff and deal with their wide-ranging personality traits if you want to defeat the healthcare competition of Two Point County, and don’t worry if you can’t save every patient, ghost capturing janitors are here to help!

The Switch release of Two Point Hosptial will include many of the features added to the PC version after its release in August 2018, including an interior designer, copy-paste room layouts, and character customization. This also includes the “Bigfoot” and “Pebberley Island” expansions and the new challenges those locales present. Most importantly, the game is being fully rebuilt for consoles and gamepad controls.

For more information about Two Point Hospital, including a full console version feature list, visit www.twopointhospital.com, While there, you can sign up for “Hospital Pass” to receive exclusive content when the game releases.