TY the Tasmanian Tiger 4 – as the name implies – is the fourth entry in the long-running series. Known as TY 4, this 2D platformer is heading to the Switch for the first time, complete with upgraded visuals,  and all-new cutscenes and voice-over work.

In TY 4, after a seemingly peaceful period of time, strange and mysterious things begin happening all over Southern Rivers. When a shadowy figure is spotted on the outskirts of town, it’s time for TY to leap into action, using his wits and boomerangs to find hidden treasure, help the colorful locals and uncover the mysteries of the land Down Under.

This release is an enhanced edition of the 2D side-scrolling platformer that originally appeared on PC. TY the Tasmanian Tiger 4: Bush Rescue Returns is available as a digital download on the Nintendo eShop for $19.99. Features include:

  • Explore 40 levels of adventures in the Australian Outback at a silky smooth 60FPS.
  • Defeat enemies by freezing, zapping, and more with heaps of choice new boomerangs.
  • Use your wits and boomerangs to find hidden treasures, help the colorful locals, and uncover the mysteries of the land Down Under.
  • New English voice-overs featuring an all-star cast you’ll recognize as TY’s old mates.
  • Challenge yourself with multiple game modes: Adventure, Time Attack, Turkey Chase, and Danger Arena.
  • Cosplay as TY’s friends in style with a metric ton of costumes.
  • Improved graphics and performance, remastered extended cutscenes and expanded Australian-outback themed soundtrack.

The developers at Krome Studios have also added full English voiceovers, double the amount of music, remastered animated cutscenes, improved performance, and much more for this Nintendo Switch version.

We were fortunate enough to interview the team at Krome Studios ahead of TY 4’s release, giving us an insight into the development process. This talented group is passionate about games, and it shows. It’s interesting to learn just how the concept of TY came about, and how effects like voices and music help bring the character and this game to life.

Krome Studios was formed in 1999 and is based in Brisbane, Australia. Apart from the TY series, Krome has shipped over 45 titles with partners and publishers worldwide.

Are you a fan of TY and his Aussie mates? Let us know about your experience with the series!

Source: Krome Studios