Shortly after rumblings that the Wii U version of the highly anticipated game Watch Dogs was cancelled, Ubisoft abruptly abandons one of six trademarks they hold for the game.  While this doesn’t seem particularly alarming at first glance, since they do hold five other Watch Dogs trademarks, this particular trademark is registered for “Game software and electronic game programs…”  The other five trademarks held by Ubisoft are for a variety of other things like “Entertainment services namely providing an on-line computer game…“, “Computer game instruction manuals and published guides…“, “Toys and playthings…“, “Entertainment services, namely, continuing television programs and interactive television…presentation of live stage show performances…“, and “Clothing…“.

While this does not point to a cancellation of Watch Dogs entirely, it could mean that Ubisoft may be looking to change the name of the game.  This is a little strange due to the fact that Ubisoft has already invested quite a lot of time and money marketing the game as Watch Dogs but according to the legal definition of trademark abandonment, “…When a trademark is abandoned, the trademark owner may no longer claim rights to the trademark. In effect, this frees the trademark so that anyone else can use it without recourse from the original trademark owner.”

Pure Nintendo will update our readers with any new updates regarding the status of Watch Dogs and with any official statements from Ubisoft if and when they are released.



Ubisoft just released a statement calling the Watch_Dogs trademark abandonment “fradulent.”

“On February 1, 2014, Ubisoft Entertainment received an email from notifying Ubisoft Entertainment that a Request for Express Abandonment had been filed in connection with Application Serial No. 85642398. The Request for Express Abandonment purports to be signed by the Chief Executive Officer of Ubisoft Entertainment, Yves Guillemot,” Ubisoft wrote.

“Mr. Guillemot, however, did not sign the Request for Express Abandonment, nor did Ubisoft Entertainment file the Request for Express Abandonment. The Request for Express Abandonment is fraudulent and was not filed by Ubisoft Entertainment or its representative.”

Ubisoft also told Game Informer that the company is working with the USPTO to reinstate the Watch_Dogs trademark. The hope is to have the process complete in the next few days.