The Wii U version of Watch_Dogs has faced some pretty hard times over its development. First there was the delay across all platforms, then there were rumors of its cancellation, twice, and then there was the delay for the Wii U version.  Now there is news coming out from the team in charge of development, Ubisoft Montreal, regarding the Wii U version and more information about the delay of Watch_Dogs.

In an interview with Red Bull (of all sources), the Watch_Dogs Creative Director Jonathan Morin says now that Watch_Dogs is nearing release for other platforms, the team is now ‘fully focused’ on the Wii U version of Watch_Dogs.

“Right now [the Wii U version is] currently being done, but I’m not directly involved. We wanted to finish all the platforms that we are currently shipping. We needed those guys to get [the shipping versions] finished, and the good news now is that they’re all fully focused on the Wii U version, making sure it gets the attention it deserves to make it the best version it can be.”

According to Red Bull, ‘To make way for these fixes, something had to give ‘ and the Wii U version was delayed beyond the other versions to allow time to make those changes.  Morin provided some insight regarding the fixes they wanted to make to Watch_Dogs.

“I think when we started to play the complete game, we did a lot of play tests, sometimes what was happening is that the game was doing a good job at encouraging the player to explore the possibilities of hacking, but sometimes they’d go really deep into the manipulation and get really creative about things – it would create a trigger and unexpected results. It wouldn’t necessarily encourage them to continue to do it, but those kind of clashes happened.”

Even though there is still no solid release date for the Wii U version, it is at least comforting to know that the team at Ubisoft Montreal is now working on the Wii U version.  Ubisoft has already announced a release window, Fall 2014, for the Wii U version of Watch_Dogs.  Let us hope that this means holiday 2014 and the release doesn’t slip into late 2014 or early 2015.