interview with Ubisoft Games For Everyone range Pauline Jacquey

How do you see the casual market growing over the next 18 months?
I believe that the distinction between casual players and hardcore players will not make sense in a few years. We have to name on this audience that wasn’t exposed to games, but I don’t like the term of ‘casual gaming’, because it makes the games seem cheap and made quickly. That’s not what people want. We won’t talk about hardcore gamers and casual gamers as such, we’ll just talk about genre – like we see in the movie industry. We’ll find the right terms and lexicon in time.

Are casual games becoming harder to develop as the audience begins demanding a more in-depth gaming experience?
When you’re reaching out to somebody who plays one or two games a year, it’s very easy. You don’t need to follow the rules of previous markets. But as they play more and competitors emerge, you have to rethink the way you do the games. The casual audience is becoming more demanding, for sure, and we need to make sure we’re proving more than what they’re anticipating.

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