GS: Nintendo recently announced the MotionPlus for the Wii. Do you have any thoughts about utilizing that?

YM: I’d have to say that I wouldn’t realize at first that it would add so much to the experience. It’s one thing to have your brain interpolating what you’re doing. It’s another thing to not need that interpolation work.

It’s so comfortable. It’ll certainly add a lot of pleasure to the experience.

GS: And the Balance Board, also. Do you feel comfortable making games that would require these peripherals?

YM: Oh yeah, totally. It’s extensions — to get a wide audience with new peripherals in order to interact with a game. I cannot help but think of Shaun White Wii, which is definitely a must-try. It’s so intuitive.

You don’t need your brain to do that interpolation work, because it’s so seamless, and then you immerse yourself into that experience. Oh yeah, definitely. It’s really good.

GS: And obviously Nintendo recently overtook Microsoft in install base. So you’re confident. Do you see that as the leading platform for your studio, from a console perspective?

YM: I cannot speak for Nintendo and the others, but I think the figures speak for themselves. What is sure is that we are a content provider and an experience provider.

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