Nexis Games have posted an update on the progress of their Minecraft-inspired title, UCraft.

The first update comes in the form of a new trailer featuring new gameplay and features, which you can check out above. Here’s what Nexis Games have to say about the trailer:

Development of UCraft is coming along very nicely and we are proud to present you with the latest Alpha Footage from our game. We will always do our best to keep you updated on our progress because well we love you guys!

Nexis Games have also announced a change to the release date of UCraft. Originally slated for a holiday release, the developers have decided to extend the production time, with a new release date of 2nd quarter 2015. Nexis Games are working hard to “deliver the best product possible to our beloved Wii U Community”. With a strong passion for the Wii U, its promising to hear that the team at Nexis Games are more interested in developing a worthy product, rather than simply rushing the release to make quick money.

UCraft is set to deliver an open-world game that never ends, by allowing users to create and complete quests, missions and user-generated campaigns online. Players will be able to create a game within a game, making UCraft a never-ending experience.

Nexis Games finished their update by confirming the following UCraft features:

• Never-ending support and frequent updates
• SDK Paint integration
• A never-ending world
• Survival mode
• Quests, missions and a quest creation mode
• Wildlife and mysterious creatures
• Multiplayer – both local (2 players) and online (up to 16 players)
• Voice chat

Are you excited about the UCraft trailer and features due next year? Let us know your thoughts on how UCraft is shaping up.

Source: Nexis Games