Some new details on the WiiU game ‘UCraft’ have come about, read below for more info!

“While UCraft is a Sandbox title that incorporates a building system based on cubic voxels, our vision is not to recreate Minecraft. UCraft has been designed from the ground up to give players the ability to create in-depth worlds, as well as captivating stories to accompany them. Through the use of DLC (aka PowerPacks), players will have the opportunity to the expand their game and unleash their creativity like never before. UCraft PowerPacks offer everything from FPS engines to Kart Racing engines and  new packs will be frequently rolled out over time, constantly adding exciting new functionality and content to the game”

Its been a long time coming and they’ve had many obstacles to overcome but UCraft is soon to be available in the WiiU eshop. Here are some of the updated features being added to the game.

UCraft Features

  • Online Play
  • Voice Chat
  • Dedicated Servers
  • 16 Player Online Support
  • Hidden Features – “To protect our ideas, we will announce closer to launch”

I’ve also just been informed that a new character is coming along for the ride. Mama Drama known throughout the UCraft world as a “gun slinging, high flying, take no prisoners kinda gal”! Check her out in the screenshots below and be sure to tell us what you think about ‘UCraft’ or if you will be purchasing it in the comments section.