Climax has dropped further hints as to what its secret Konami project could be, saying that the game will be a “stunning and refreshing take on the horror genre.”

The developer has already openly revealed it’s working on two projects for Konami, one for PSP and Wii, and another for 360 and PS3, as it shows clearly on its homepage.

But in the Jobs Listings section, the dev goes on to hint: “Our future is even more exciting with awesome titles such as Silent Hill Origins, Ferrari, Viva Piñata for Windows and an unannounced title for Codemasters as well as our stunning and refreshing take on the horror genre and our original ground breaking next-gen game for the PS3 and the Xbox 360.”

Looks like we could be getting some Silent Hill treatment on the Wii at some point, or a completely new survival horror game.  The Wii is getting a lot of survival horror games!