The Pokemon Company has released a brand new video today, showcasing two more Ultra Beasts that will appear in the game.

The first, UB-02 Absorption, will appear in Pokemon Sun, while UB-02 Beauty will be featured in Pokemon Moon. While the video above doesn’t reveal too much besides the new Ultra Beasts’ appearance, the Pokemon website has some small details for us.

Ultra Beasts will be encountered attacking the Alola region during your adventure, but their purpose is still unknown. UB-02 Absorption’s body is covered in muscles, and the extent of its power is unknown, as the power of its punches are off the charts. The long mouth of Absorption is also said to be harder than diamonds, and it’s theorized that this Ultra Beast may use it to attack.

On the other hand, UB-02 Beauty uses its long legs to reach incredible speeds, with rumors stating that it can dodge lightning. Beauty also has the ability to infatuate Pokemon, regardless of gender, making them lose the will to battle. Whether this is achieved by pheromones or via a hypnotizing effect is still unknown.

Sun and Moon are releasing on November 18th, and with hints that there are even more Ultra Beasts that are yet to be revealed, what do you think of these designs so far? What role do you think they will play in the story? Let us know in the comments!