IGN has done a nice preview of their hands-on experience for RE: Umbrella Chronicles.  They mention how the game plays and also how the game looks running on the Wii:

Umbrella Chronicles looks pretty impressive on Wii. The game is running in 480p and 16:9 widescreen at a fluidity of 30 frames per second. Some of the world and character textures blur up close, which is disappointing, but nevertheless Capcom has really used light and darkness to great effect. Shadowy environments become illuminated in quick flashes of lightning and the silhouettes of characters and objects project and distort onto walls and walkways. Animations are smooth and particle effects over-the-top — blood splatters in every direction as you decapitate zombies with well-placed bullets. We’d wager this is one of the prettier Wii titles and we’d expect nothing less from Capcom.

Check the link if you want the whole skinny on the game ;)

Source: IGN Wii