"I trust I have your undivided attention."

We’re just over a week away from the release of Unicorn Overlord. Are you prepared for battle? If not, ATLUS and Vanillaware have released a new training video: Josef’s Guide to Combat.

If you’ve played the demo (which hopefully you’ve done by now), you know much preparation goes into optimizing your various parties for battle. Equipment, placement, support, leaders—there’s a lot to consider, most of which comes together in ways strategy gamers may not have experienced before. So, whether you struggled with the demo or are just making sure your strategies are as tight as they can be, Josef is here to help.

This final training video offers tips and tricks on how to succeed in combat, highlights details about battle mechanics, and more.


I never saw “Game Over” during my run through the Unicorn Overlord demo, but I also know I could’ve handled some situations better. This was largely due to not spending enough time on active and passive skill management. I often yelled at a particular character for healing a soldier who didn’t need it when she was drastically low on health herself. That was on me. Check out the video above, and don’t make the same mistakes I did.

Unicorn Overlord will release digitally and physically on March 8th, and preorders are open now. For more information, visit unicornoverlord.atlus.com.